Road Rage 101: The cost of driving reckless

We all think we know what constitutes road rage, but did you know it was considered an act of violence. The National Traffic Safety Administration considers road rage to involve an act of violence, which takes the idea of tailgating and running red lights to a new level. Beyond involving a criminal act, our team at Redden Insurance Agency has found that there are real costs you may not consider when you are weaving in and out of traffic.

A Traffic Violation Costs More Than Money

If you receive a ticket for driving aggressively, then the cost of that ticket is significantly more than the court fees. You will have points on your license, which can affect your household’s budget when it comes to the cost of insurance. Additionally, you could potentially place your ability to drive on the line, which could also affect your household negatively.

You Could Injure Yourself or Others

Another potential consequence of driving with road rage is the fact that you could get into an accident. Whether you are tailgating or running a red light, you have less stopping distance than usual. As a result, the odds of you getting into a car accident while you are driving aggressively increases. If you get into an accident, you could be held responsible for injuring the other party.

No one feels Safe Riding with You

Although you may find it entertaining to speed and drive recklessly, you will find fewer and fewer people feel safe riding with you. Soon, you will notice that your friends will start riding with other people. Being alone because you refuse to obey traffic rules is no fun. Instead, you should work harder at being a safe driver, which includes driving at the speed limit.