Everything You Need To Know About Umbrella Insurance in Bradley, WV

Umbrella insurance is exactly what it sounds like – added protection during stormy weather.  Unexpected lawsuits or personal injury claims may not be protected under your current insurance policy for your home, vehicle, boat, or RV in Bradley, WV.  That’s why it’s important to purchase affordable umbrella insurance so you can rest easy knowing that you have an ally with Redden Insurance Agency if the unexpected suddenly happens.  

While some people simply purchase enough insurance to keep them legal under the law, the purpose of umbrella insurance is quite the opposite.  It’s meant to cover legal requirement and then some.  If you spend a long weekend boating at one of West Virginia’s many lakes and someone is hurt, are you liable?  Are you covered under your current boating insurance policy?  Are you prepared to hire a lawyer if there is a personal injury claim?

If your answer is "I don’t know" or "no", you may want to go over your policy in detail and consider adding umbrella insurance.  The same can be done for all your assets, including personal and business assets.  If disaster strikes a business asset and you’re not properly covered this could be great financial strain for you and your employees, as well as both of your families.  At Redden Insurance Agency, we will help you understand your existing insurance policies and how these policies can be improved with umbrella insurance.  Protecting your assets for today and in the future is important in our modern, sometimes unpredictable economy.  It’s better to keep all assets safe under umbrella insurance than risking everything if an accident occurs.