What to Know Before Purchasing Health Insurance

Health insurance is considered a necessity with the high cost of medical care today. In fact, medical bills are the number one reason people consider bankruptcy. 137 million Americans struggled financially due to medical debt in 2019. At Redden Insurance Agency in Bradley WV, we know how important the right insurance plan is, for your health and your financial future. 

Types of Plans

The basic types of plans are senior, family, individual, and group. Senior plans are for those 55 and over. Family plans are for families who want to ensure everyone under the same policy. Individual plans only cover yourself. Group plans are often offered through workplaces and allow you to purchase insurance at a group rate.

Employer Coverage May Not be Right for You

Employer coverage was once considered the gold standard. Any option outside of insurance provided by your employer would likely be less coverage and more expensive. However, things have changed in recent years, and your employer may not offer the best policy for your needs.

Employers get insurance at a group rate. This means the average health of the group is considered, instead of your individual health. If you are very healthy, you may find insurance cheaper on your own. 

Group policies, by their nature, don’t allow for a lot of customization. You will be limited to doctors in-network, and supplemental types of coverage may not be available through your employer plan.

Learn More at Redden Insurance

Health insurance can be extremely confusing. After you choose the type of insurance you want to buy, you have to look at premiums, coverage limits,  deductibles, and exclusions. If you need health insurance in Bradley WV, our agents at Redden Insurance Agency can help you understand your options. Stop by our office today and get the plan that you need.