Will your auto insurance provide adequate coverage if your vehicle is totaled?

The team at Redden Insurance Agency is here to provide actionable information that helps you find the insurance coverage that is right for your family’s needs. Many people are unaware of the gaps that can sometimes occur in auto insurance coverage when a vehicle is totaled. If you are in the greater Bradley WV area and want to ensure that you have adequate auto insurance coverage in place, call or stop by our offices today!

Coverage for Totaled Vehicles

Many auto insurance policies contain coverage limits that can be met or exceeded in the event that your vehicle is totaled. When a vehicle is totaled, you will likely want to obtain a replacement car or truck of comparable value. Unfortunately, when it comes to replacing a car outright, there may be a gap between your policy coverage limits and the cost of the desired replacement car. In such instances, the policyholder will pick up the difference themselves, or downgrade their choice of replacement car so that their insurance completely covers the expense. While these are two workable solutions, they are not ideal. Ideally, your auto insurance policy will be sufficient to replace your totaled vehicle with one that is in line with your desires. Car accidents are stressful enough, there’s no reason to add more complications to the situation! Make sure that your policy is adequate for this possible occurrence.

Want to find out more about the comprehensive auto insurance policy options that are available to residents in the greater Bradley WV area? Call or stop by Redden Insurance Agency today and find out how to protect your car in the event that it is totaled. Now is a good time to ensure that you have the coverage you need.