Why You Should Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Annually

At Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV, we usually advise our clients to review their motorcycle insurance annually for some reasons. If you also have a motorcycle and your insurance is more than a year, you should also try to review it for the reasons we will explain below. 

Increase in coverage

It may be necessary for you to pay for more coverage. Don’t let this appear to you as a higher premium. You should also think of it as a wider coverage. It is possible that when you insured your bike, you were the only one that could ride it in your family. Now, your spouse has learnt and he/she now rides as well. You need to widen the coverage for her. 

What if your kid has joined the bandwagon, and you are now trying to save up for his own motorcycle. In the meantime, he’ll be making use of yours once in a while. Youthful exuberance will prevent him from being as careful as you are. So, you may need to extend the coverage for him too.

Increase in age

In West Virginia, it is more expensive to insure a rider between the ages of 16 and 24 because they are not so careful. Their crash rate is high. On the other hand, it is considerably lower to insure riders between the ages of 25 and 60. 

So, if you have crossed from 24 to 25 and you’re yet to review your insurance, you may be shortchanging yourself big time. Contact your insurance provider or come to us.

Better deals

More insurance companies spring up every year and one of the weapons they use to fight one another is a lower price. So, they all generally review their prices down all the time to remain competitive. Your premium may be slashed to make your stay.

Apart from these three reasons, there are other reasons to review your motorcycle insurance every year. At Redden Insurance, we encourage it and we are always ready to assist whenever our clients come for a review.