Will My Bradley WV Auto Insurance Protect Me in a Lawsuit?

Automotive accidents happen every day, despite most of us trying very hard to avoid them. But, as the phrase suggests, accidents happen, you misgauge the speed of an oncoming car when turning or become distracted when backing out of a parking space. Whatever the case behind your Bradley, WV auto accident, our team at Redden Insurance Agency is here to help keep things simple and stress-free by getting you the right information to understand what happens next and how your insurance provider will assist.

After the Accident: How the Other Driver Gets Paid & How You Stay Protected

West Virginia has tort accident laws, which is to say that the person at fault of an accident is responsible for paying for the other driver’s property and personal injury costs related to the accident. All West Virginia drivers will be expected to meet their state’s minimum liability insurance policies.

Getting Sued for More: How Your Bradley WV Auto Insurance Will Protect You

If you are found to be at-fault for an accident, the first thing your insurance provider will do is negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company. In the vast majority of cases, you won’t ever be alerted as the two companies will resolve the matter between themselves.

However, if the other driver’s insurance company wants more than your policy limits offer, then they may file a civil lawsuit to try to recover the rest of the money from you (the amount over your policy limit). In this scenario, your insurance provider is contractually responsible for paying for court costs and for hiring an attorney on your behalf to negotiate the other company down, accept a settlement you agree to, or take the issue to trial.

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