How Does RV Insurance Differ From Car Insurance?

There are some similarities between RV and car insurance, but there are some important differences as well. These differences affect your premiums, and they provide some types of coverage that aren’t applicable to traditional auto insurance. In Bradley, WV, we offer RV insurance at Redden Insurance Agency. 

Types of RV

What qualifies as an RV? Motorhomes are classified as A, B, and C. These are the luxurious and spacious, and the drive train is permanently attached to the living section of the RV. Fifth Wheels require a truck to tow them, but they offer lots of room and layout options. Travel trailers are a step-down and can be pulled by most vehicles. Lastly, the pop up is the lightest and least expensive. 

How Premiums are Determined

Most car insurance premiums are based on the type of vehicle and your driving record. How often or far your vehicle is on the road isn’t a factor. With RV insurance, the type of vehicle, how often you plan to drive it, and where you plan to park it can all impact your premiums. 

What’s Covered

This is the biggest difference between RV insurance and car insurance. RV insurance covers some of the same things as car insurance. These include collision, comprehensive, uninsured motors, and liability coverage. RV insurance may have different coverage limits due to the value of the vehicle. It should also cover equipment like satellite dishes, awnings, and water heaters.

RV insurance often offers add-ons that can be very beneficial. Full timer coverage is for those who use an RV as their full-time residence. Campsite and vacation coverage will cover things that happen at the campsite instead of on the road. 

At Redden Insurance Agency in Bradley, WV, our agents work hard to get you the right coverage for your needs. Stop by our office to learn more about the difference between RV and auto insurance, and which one is right for you.