What you need for an all-weather auto emergency kit

Preparing for an automobile emergency is a necessity to protect both you and your investment in the event of a mechanical failure or accident. The weather in Bradley, WV and throughout the state is changeable, and the items you need for a kit can vary based on the season. To ensure you have all the supplies you need at any given moment, the Redden Insurance Agency recommends preparing an all-weather kit to leave in the car 365 days a year. When needed, update individual supplies as they near expiration

Basic first aid

A standard first aid kit with a variety of gauze sizes, bandages, antiseptic cream, a thermometer, pain reliever, gloves, scissors, tweezers, sticky tape, hydrocortisone cream, cough medicine, antihistamine tablets, alcohol or alcohol wipes, eye bath, distilled water, and a shock blanket is a major first purchase.

Basic supplies

Other standard components of an emergency kit help other vehicles see you when you are on the side of the road. A backup battery charger and cord for your phone makes it easy to stay in touch with a towing vehicle or emergency responders without worrying about phone life.

Foldable hazard triangles, a flashlight, and flares can help you advise of a traffic hazard or signal for help. Add reflective tape or a reflective vest for performing vehicle repairs on the roadside.

Weather-specific emergencies

In the cold weather, it is advisable to have a warm blanket or coveralls and a heavy jacket stashed in your vehicle for potential breakdowns in freezing temperatures. Add a few snacks like protein bars and necessities like bottled water to your emergency kit to stay hydrated and nourished during a major weather event when an emergency response may be delayed. Put sunscreen in your car to protect the skin if a breakdown occurs on a sunny day.

Repair tools

Purchase a basic tool kit for the trunk that includes a screwdriver, pliers, wrenches, and tape for minor repairs. Always have a quart of your car’s oil handy for pop-up leaks along with a small stash of coolant and window cleaner. Adding oil and coolant when a leak occurs is only a temporary solution to get your vehicle in for repairs and avoid being stranded on the roadside in adverse conditions. The same applies to stocking tire sealant, an inflation gauge and booster cables

The Redden Insurance Agency serving Bradley, WV is also prepared to help you and your family prepare for emergencies by providing all of your automotive insurance needs. Contact us for a free quote today to motor with confidence in spring, summer, fall, and winter.