How Does Health Insurance Work?

Health care is one of the most expensive industries in Bradley WV and all over America, and most people have trouble paying for this care out-of-pocket. Health insurance is a way to reduce these costs to a more attainable amount. When you sign up for a health insurance policy, you and the health insurance agency come to an agreement on what care they will cover, the amount you will pay monthly (your premiums), the amount you will need to pay prior to your insurance paying (your deductible), and your copay (the amount you will need to pay at the time of care).

Each month, you will pay your premiums toward the total cost of care you agreed upon. This is your “bill”. When you need health care, your insurance policy will help cover the costs if the care is part of your health insurance plan. Before your insurance will begin to pay, though, you will have to meet your deductible. If you have not yet met your deductible, you will be responsible for your care.

One important part of your insurance plan is that you will be given the option of health care providers that are “in-network”. This network is a group of doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and more that have agreed to charge less for patients in with that plan. If you choose to go to a different provider, you can still use your insurance, but you will usually pay additional costs. It is usually best to use the in-network providers if possible.

Here are Redden Insurance Agency, we know that health insurance can be a confusing topic. Let us help you understand it better and get the coverage you need. If you are in Bradley WV, stop by Redden Insurance Agency or give us a call today!