Frequently Asked Questions About Umbrella Insurance in West Virginia.

Have you been concerned about specific aspects of your business, and are unsure if your commercial policy fully protects you? You may want to consider umbrella insurance to upgrade your protection. Redden Insurance Agency can help you clear up any confusion you may have about the insurance coverage you need and clear up any questions you may have about umbrella insurance in West Virginia. We serve Bradley WV with quality insurance services. 

FAQs About Umbrella Insurance In West Virginia

  • I have full coverage, why would I need more?Even if you have full coverage for your vehicle, business, home, or life you may feel that there is an aspect that is not covered as much as you would like. This is where umbrella insurance becomes useful.
  • Can Umbrella insurance coverage cover a very specific item or event? Yes, but it must also be specifically stated in the policy and appraised at the value it is insured for. This does not mean it will be covered, but it can. 
  • What is the main use of umbrella insurance? This question depends on the type and the area. Many people choose to add an umbrella policy when they reach the public eye to protect them from the event of a lawsuit changing their whole life. Some chose umbrella to account for a specific event that may happen to their classic car or collectible. The uses are veritable, discuss your unique needs with our knowledgeable insurance agents. 

If you are considering umbrella insurance or if you are shopping for a policy for your business, life, car, or home contact us at Redden Insurance Agency. We serve Bradley WV with a friendly service for all of your insurance needs.