Avoid Distracted Driving for Safety on the Road

Distracted driving can lead to accidents. It’s easy to forget about this when you’re behind the wheel and your phone notifications start blowing up. You can learn more about how distracted driving impacts your insurance in Bradley WV from Redden Insurance Agency representatives. In the meantime, follow the tips below to stay focused on the road.

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Finish your dressing and grooming at home. Pulling off jackets and sweaters can cause you to swerve out of your lane. It’s a really dangerous habit to take your eyes off the road to fix your hair.

Many people bring snacks and beverages along on their way to and from various destinations. Be sure to secure your beverage container with a lid to avoid spilling the contents and possibly causing an accident due to distracted driving. If you travel with kids, ensure that they are buckled in before you start the car. If children demand your attention, pull off the road to address the issue.

Don’t use your cell phone while driving. This should be reserved for navigation or emergencies only. Otherwise, leave the cell phone turned off to avoid distractions. Ask passengers to remind you about any bad driving habits that could lead to distracted driving.

If something occurs that demands your attention, pull off the road in a safe place to communicate with your passengers or to call the appropriate authorities. Generally, if you can’t devote your attention to driving, take care of the issue before you get behind the wheel.

For more information on how distracted driving can impact your insurance rates and coverage, contact Redden Insurance Agency today. Our representatives can help you with all your auto insurance needs in Bradley WV.