What does RV insurance typically cover?

A recreational vehicle (RV) includes a variety of vehicle types, and just like cars, it can be covered by insurance. Getting a sweet deal with Redden Insurance Agency is highly recommended in Bradley WV, but you should be informed on what it covered.

It Depends on the Class

Not every vehicle is equal in this regard, and it can be split into three classes:

  • Class A: Vehicles up to 75-feet in length. This might be a converted motorcoach, bus, or any large dedicated vehicle.
  • Class B: These are small vehicles, like camper trailers.
  • Class C: Where the camper extends over the driving portion.

What is Covered?

What’s covered in your insurance plan is within the details, and insurance companies may scrutinize by the class of vehicle. Water damage is a common exclusion in the policy, and you might have to apply for it specifically.

The components of coverage typically include:

  • Comprehensive: This might be hail damage, fire damage, and anything not a result of an accident.
  • Liability: If you cause harm to others with your trailer, this would be to cover your legal liability. 
  • Collision: Protects yours from getting hit with another object.
  • Medical: Covering your medical payments from an accident.
  • Vehicle Contents: Losing your personal possessions within the vehicle as to the result of an accident. This may need to be well defined within the policy.

It’s no joke hauling around an RV for long distances, even if it’s meant for fun. Just like your primary car or home, it’s a large investment that can be lost in an instant, so it’s better to be prepared for the worst. If you’re shopping around for suitable policies within Bradley WV, it’s worth getting in touch with Redden Insurance Agency to get a run-down on what they offer.