Can I cancel my private policy if I get married and get added to my spouse’s health insurance?

Just when people were getting used to the new healthcare system, new rules were added this year. It can seem overwhelming, especially for people who get their health insurance through the market. At least if insurance is offered through an employer, the choices are more limited, which isn’t necessarily good.

If you live in Bradley WV and purchase your own health insurance policy, you will find that you have a lot of choices. Redden Insurance Agency can help you find a policy through different companies with different features, like different co-pays, deductibles and overall coverage.

The one thing that doesn’t usually change is the enrollment period. Normally there is a time period at the end of the year, usually around November, where anyone responsible for a health insurance plan can add people, take them off, adjust the coverage and deductible, and make other changes. Once those changes are made, they can be difficult if not impossible to change.

However, there are exceptions for certain qualifying events. A qualifying event may include

  • the birth of a child,
  • the adoption of a child, 
  • marriage, 
  • divorce,
  • a change in hours meaning the holder of an employer-sponsored plan is no longer eligible for benefits, and
  • an end of employment where the individual or family received benefits from the job

If you have health insurance in Bradley WV, marriage is considered a qualifying event as far as making changes in a health plan. Depending on the situation, newly married people might add a new spouse or also add the children of the new spouse.

If you want to learn more about your options regarding your health insurance plan, or if you have questions about an existing plan, please feel free to call Redden Insurance Agency today.