An Introduction to Motorcycle Insurance

That new 150cc motorbike you just bought your teen needs insurance. No matter where they ride it, you need to insure it. Here at Redden Insurance Agency of Bradley WV we can help you determine which of your two and three-wheeled rides need motorcycle insurance.

Legally, any two or three-wheeled vehicles of more than 49ccs must carry insurance. That means any motorcycle or trike you could legally drive on the WV roads needs insurance.

The alternative is you paying out of pocket for any accident your child causes. It also means replacing the bike at your own cost. Insurance provides the least-cost alternative.

WV requires minimum insurance on motorbikes, too. The law says you  must purchase insurance that covers:

  • property damage per accident of $10,000,
  • bodily injury and death liability coverage per accident per person of $20,000,
  • bodily injury and death liability coverage per accident of $40,000.

Just as there are other types of coverage for your car, there are motorcycles. You may also want uninsured motorist, collision and/or comprehensive coverage. If your teen will be riding their motorbike to and from school or work, you should also consider towing insurance. This means they would have tow service coverage in case of break down so you do not need to leave work to go get them and take the bike to the shop. It makes good sense to obtain full coverage.

We can help you determine the right level of coverage and help you understand the many facets of insurance types. Call us today at Redden Insurance Agency of Bradley WV to discuss your motorcycle insurance needs.