Umbrella Insurance Protecting You and Your Business When You Need It Most

Umbrella policies are a unique type of protection.  They exist on top of your other policies and only go into force when other policies have reached their coverage caps.  For example, if someone is injured at your home or business and you are deemed negligent, your home or commercial policy will cover their medical expenses.  If they sue, it will also cover their legal fees.  In another example, if your building or home is damaged or destroyed during a natural disaster, your coverage will help to rebuild.  However, when the policy cap is reached, the policy owner is responsible for anything above that.  In both examples, the amount can be too much for most.  An umbrella policy provides additional financial protection when other policies are maxed out.  Our agents at Redden Insurance Agency in the Bradley WV area are ready to talk with you.

Umbrella insurance, just like other insurance policies, are tool to protect you financially.  In the case of someone being injured on your property, your home insurance policy may cover $300,000 but if their medical and legal expenses are $500,000, you are responsible for the balance.  An umbrella policy covers these additional expenses and protects your assets.  A unique aspect of umbrella insurance coverage is that it provides protection in slander, libel or invasion of privacy cases. 

In the Bradley WV area, our team at Redden Insurance Agency is ready to help you with all of your insurance needs.  We can help you decide is if umbrella insurance is right for you.  Our agents will explain the policy details so that you can decide for yourself.  Explore the general information on our website then come by and see us.  Insurance offers important financial protection for you and your family.  Don’t delay!  Come see us today!