RV Insurance: The Coverage the You Need on the Road

Many families enjoy exploring nature in their RV.  RV insurance is needed before you ever head out.  Our team at Redden Insurance Agency helps RVers in the Bradley WV area get the coverage they need. 

RVs are required to have liability insurance.  The policy is similar to auto insurance with a few distinct features.  RVs are operated as a vehicle but it is also considered a temporary domicile.  The size and weight of the RV will determine the type of policy needed.  RVs are rated A, B or C with C class “midsize RV” being the most popular.

Most RV policies include replacement costs in case the vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident.  It will also cover anything attached to the exterior such as a satellite dish or awnings.  It will also cover any personal items inside the vehicle such as clothing, sports equipment, camping gear and electronics.  Your agent will also talk with you about how often you and your family use the RV.  If you only use it once a year for an annual camping trip, this may change which policy and amount of coverage that they recommend. 

At Redden Insurance Agency, our agents are ready to help you get your RV covered.  We know that owning an RV in the Bradley WV area is a great way for friends and family to enjoy quality time.  Our website has some information but to get personalized attention, come in to visit with one of our agents.  They will be able to discuss the best options for coverage and answer any questions that you may have.  Unfortunately, accidents happen when you’re on the road.  Getting adequate insurance coverage before anything happens is a smart move.  Come in and see us!

How to Plan a Successful RV Road Trip

Advanced planning is key to a more enjoyable, relaxing RV road trip. Advanced planning will enable you to make good decisions concerning your road trip destinations, travel dates, and budget. You’ll also have time to purchase RV insurance for your travels. The right insurance coverage from Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV, will give you confidence that you’re well-protected on the road.

When planning ahead for your road trip, consider the following:


Choose your destinations and plan your routes for getting there safely without wasting time or money. RV road trips offer great opportunities to explore new places and partake in activities you’ve never done before.  

Condition of Your RV

Make sure your RV can handle the rigors of a road trip by having it professionally serviced before hitting the road. Have your technician check the brakes, battery, hoses, belts and tires. Make sure all systems and appliances are working properly within your RV to avoid problems during your travels.


Choose travel dates carefully to avoid weather conditions that can keep you from enjoying your road trip to the full. By traveling off-season, you can avoid dealing with holiday traffic, lack of places to stay and higher fuel and food costs.  

RV Camp Sites  

Reserve your RV campsites in advance so you have safe places to rest at the end of the day without having to pay exorbitant prices.


Make a budget for your road trip to avoid overspending. A budget will make it easier for you to manage your fuel, food, campsite, and recreational activities costs. It will also keep you from breaking the bank on your vacation and regretting it later on.   

For quality RV insurance to protect your road trip travels, call or visit Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV.

What does RV insurance typically cover?

A recreational vehicle (RV) includes a variety of vehicle types, and just like cars, it can be covered by insurance. Getting a sweet deal with Redden Insurance Agency is highly recommended in Bradley WV, but you should be informed on what it covered.

It Depends on the Class

Not every vehicle is equal in this regard, and it can be split into three classes:

  • Class A: Vehicles up to 75-feet in length. This might be a converted motorcoach, bus, or any large dedicated vehicle.
  • Class B: These are small vehicles, like camper trailers.
  • Class C: Where the camper extends over the driving portion.

What is Covered?

What’s covered in your insurance plan is within the details, and insurance companies may scrutinize by the class of vehicle. Water damage is a common exclusion in the policy, and you might have to apply for it specifically.

The components of coverage typically include:

  • Comprehensive: This might be hail damage, fire damage, and anything not a result of an accident.
  • Liability: If you cause harm to others with your trailer, this would be to cover your legal liability. 
  • Collision: Protects yours from getting hit with another object.
  • Medical: Covering your medical payments from an accident.
  • Vehicle Contents: Losing your personal possessions within the vehicle as to the result of an accident. This may need to be well defined within the policy.

It’s no joke hauling around an RV for long distances, even if it’s meant for fun. Just like your primary car or home, it’s a large investment that can be lost in an instant, so it’s better to be prepared for the worst. If you’re shopping around for suitable policies within Bradley WV, it’s worth getting in touch with Redden Insurance Agency to get a run-down on what they offer.

An Introduction to RV Insurance

RV Insurance Explained

You just bought that RV you have dreamed of for years. You plan to road trip every weekend. You cannot wait to get on the road. But, do wait. Redden Insurance Agency of Bradley WV needs to talk to you first because you might not realize that you need RV insurance separate from your auto insurance.

Before you hit the road, learn about the insurance your RV requires and contact us to obtain a policy. No need for you to get a ticket while on one of those awesome road trips.

West Virginia requires RV insurance similar to its auto insurance requirements. You must obtain liability insurance in the amounts of:

  • $25,000 bodily injury or death coverage for one person per accident,
  • $50,000 bodily injury or death coverage per accident,
  • $25,000 per accident for property damages.Check with the storage facility you use or the RV campground for its insurance requirements. You must also carry insurance in the amounts of their requirements.Another scenario where you need your own RV insurance policy is when you want to rent an RV. Most rental agencies require a copy of your RV liability and property damage coverage. Some rental agencies require you to have full coverage.Redden Insurance Agency of Bradley WV wants you to understand that even if you own your RV outright, full coverage insurance makes sense. Full coverage ensures that if your RV was totaled in an accident, you would receive money for its replacement, plus medical costs. You may not realize how important RV insurance is to your finances until you need to repair or replace your RV due to an accident. At that time, you will be glad you called us.