What is Commercial Insurance and WHO Needs It?

Commercial insurance is best explained as insurance designed for businesses. Basically, its the opposite of personal insurance. However, like personal insurance, it is designed to protect your business from unforeseen circumstances regardless of whether or not these incidents are your fault or not. The Redden Insurance Agency takes pride in offering sound advice and guidance when it comes to helping businesses decide on the best commercial insurance policies for their companies. However, one of their primary roles is helping businesses understand the many benefits of investing in commercial insurance.

The ABC’s of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance or business insurance protects businesses from loss. This loss can come from damage to other people’s property, personal injury to both patrons and employees, and a whole barrage of other incidents and things. This insurance can be key for businesses because it prevents business owners from having to come out of pocket to pay for all these unfortunate unforeseen incidents. This type of insurance also covers both public liability and employers’ liability. Commercial insurance even helps with legal claims that may be filed against their business. Without this vital insurance, many businesses and business owners would be ill-equipped to handle many of the claims and cost that come with being sued or held responsible for something.

Why Invest?

The answer to this question is obvious. Investing in commercial insurance is like investing in security for your company or business. Of course, we all hope that nothing happens and no one gets hurt but no one can predict the future. The best-laid plans often fail as well. As a result, investing in a little peace of mind in the form of commercial insurance helps business owners feel a little more comfortable about the well being of their business. These policies or designed to protect and serve and they do just that. We look forward to helping you understand and navigate your investment in commercial insurance. Give us a call.