Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance

Redden Insurance Agency is an independent aviation insurance business.

Aviation insurance is different from insurance for other modes of transportation. Policies tend to include aviation terminology, and specific insurance limits and clauses that typically only exist for aviation plans. Different types of aviation insurance are available, depending on your needs.

Aviation insurance policies include those for:

  • Private aircraft
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Helicopter insurance
  • Commercial aviation
  • Hangars and property
  • Pilot life insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Passenger liability insurance
  • Combined Single Limit (CSL)
  • In-flight insurance
  • Aviation workers’ compensation
  • Ground risk hull insurance
    • For accidents that may occur when the aircraft is not in motion, such as: 
      • fires
      • floods
      • mudslides
      • animal damage
      • wind and hailstorms
      • hangar collapse
      • uninsured vehicles or aircrafts colliding with the stationary aircraft
      • as well as thefts and vandalism
    • For in-motion accidents while taxiing, not during take-off – (disputes as to which of these two circumstances was ongoing in the time of accident has caused this type of coverage to be removed by many insurance companies)

As an independent insurance provider, Redden Insurance Agency can help you determine the proper aviation insurance coverage for you. Redden Insurance Agency’s insurance agents are licensed, and the company serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients