Commercial Coverage Mistakes Every Businessman Should Avoid

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner is purchasing commercial coverage. Business insurance is a necessity to protect your business from risks that threaten your financial growth. At Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV, we can guide you in selecting the coverage you need. Working with an experienced agent can help you avoid the following mistakes in purchasing a business insurance policy. 

Compromising Coverage for Price

When it comes to insurance protection, getting quality coverage is more important than saving money. A cheap policy may save you money initially but could cost you much more over the long run. By comparing what different companies have to offer, you’ll more likely to find a commercial policy that offers the protection you need at a reasonable price.  

Purchasing a “Generic” Policy

Commercial insurance isn’t one size fits all. Before selecting a policy, it’s important to discuss your business needs with an agent you trust. At Redden Insurance Agency, we’ll assess your company’s services, risks, and financial portfolio to determine what type of coverage would be best for your company. We’ll then personalize your policy to provide the specific protection you need. Customizing your coverage ensures your company is getting optimal protection without paying for unnecessary “fluff.” 

Failing to Consider Income Losses

Most business owners purchase commercial property insurance to protect their building, equipment and supplies/products from disaster loss. Many, however, fail to consider the loss of income if they have to shut down for repairs after a major disaster. Business interruption coverage compensates you for lost revenue, payroll, the rental cost of your building and other operating expenses during downtime to facilitate your recovery.

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Can I cancel my private policy if I get married and get added to my spouse’s health insurance?

Just when people were getting used to the new healthcare system, new rules were added this year. It can seem overwhelming, especially for people who get their health insurance through the market. At least if insurance is offered through an employer, the choices are more limited, which isn’t necessarily good.

If you live in Bradley WV and purchase your own health insurance policy, you will find that you have a lot of choices. Redden Insurance Agency can help you find a policy through different companies with different features, like different co-pays, deductibles and overall coverage.

The one thing that doesn’t usually change is the enrollment period. Normally there is a time period at the end of the year, usually around November, where anyone responsible for a health insurance plan can add people, take them off, adjust the coverage and deductible, and make other changes. Once those changes are made, they can be difficult if not impossible to change.

However, there are exceptions for certain qualifying events. A qualifying event may include

  • the birth of a child,
  • the adoption of a child, 
  • marriage, 
  • divorce,
  • a change in hours meaning the holder of an employer-sponsored plan is no longer eligible for benefits, and
  • an end of employment where the individual or family received benefits from the job

If you have health insurance in Bradley WV, marriage is considered a qualifying event as far as making changes in a health plan. Depending on the situation, newly married people might add a new spouse or also add the children of the new spouse.

If you want to learn more about your options regarding your health insurance plan, or if you have questions about an existing plan, please feel free to call Redden Insurance Agency today.

3 Reasons to Consider an Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance increases your liability coverage to protect you against large liability claims that exceed the limits of your home, auto or condo liability coverage. No one is exempt from accidents. A serious mishap in your home or on the road could lead to a lawsuit, putting you at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars. Here are a few good reasons to consider purchasing an umbrella policy from Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV.

Accidents Happen

People are fallible, making them susceptible to committing mistakes that can cause accidents. If injuries or property damage from an accident you cause exceeds your primary liability coverage, you’ll have to pay the remaining costs. Umbrella insurance covers these costs to save you from financial loss.  

Primary Liability Coverage is Limited in the Protection It Has to Offer  

Your home, auto, and condo liability coverage is limited in the protection it has to offer. These limits may be inadequate to protect your financial assets or meet the risks of your lifestyle. Once these limits have been exhausted, you’ll have no recourse but to cover excess damages of large claims out-of-pocket. Umbrella insurance picks up where your primary liability coverage leaves off to protect you against the unexpected.   

Lawsuits Today are Rampant

You don’t have to be a millionaire to get sued for damages. If you own real estate property or have savings or investment funds, you’re a candidate for a lawsuit if the occasion warrants it. Losing a major lawsuit could cost you your home, savings, retirement funds or income from future sources. Umbrella insurance protects you against lawsuits by covering your legal fees and settlement, up to the limits of your umbrella policy.

To learn more about umbrella insurance and all it has to offer, contact Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV.

5 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding

People ride motorcycles for different reasons. Some want to save time. Others want to save money. Many just want to enjoy greater freedom on the road. Learning how to ride safely is key to enjoying your motorcycle to the full. The following safety tips from Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV, can help protect you on your travels.

Service Your Bike

Regular maintenance will keep your motorcycle in excellent shape for short or long-distance travel. It’s also good to spot check your motorcycle every time you take it out to make sure the lights, signals, brakes, and tires are in good working order.  

Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear to include a full-face helmet, leather jacket, boots, and gloves can help protect you from serious injury in the event of an accident. If you’re riding at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing so you can be easily seen by other drivers.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Keep an eye on weather conditions where you’ll be riding. If the forecast calls for rain, ice or snow, consider another form of transportation. If you do ride in bad weather, avoid speeding by giving yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination safely.   

Use Signals and Stay Visible

Keep your headlight on at all times and use signals to let other drivers know when you plan to turn or change lanes for passing. Give yourself ample space to maneuver and stay visible by avoiding other vehicles’ blind spots.  

Ride Defensively

Avoid dangerous situations that can lead to an accident. Don’t drink and ride. Stop and rest on long-distance travels to avoid riding when you’re tired. Make safety a priority.

Last, but not least, make sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage for your travels. Call or visit Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV, today for all your motorcycle insurance needs.

How to Plan a Successful RV Road Trip

Advanced planning is key to a more enjoyable, relaxing RV road trip. Advanced planning will enable you to make good decisions concerning your road trip destinations, travel dates, and budget. You’ll also have time to purchase RV insurance for your travels. The right insurance coverage from Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV, will give you confidence that you’re well-protected on the road.

When planning ahead for your road trip, consider the following:


Choose your destinations and plan your routes for getting there safely without wasting time or money. RV road trips offer great opportunities to explore new places and partake in activities you’ve never done before.  

Condition of Your RV

Make sure your RV can handle the rigors of a road trip by having it professionally serviced before hitting the road. Have your technician check the brakes, battery, hoses, belts and tires. Make sure all systems and appliances are working properly within your RV to avoid problems during your travels.


Choose travel dates carefully to avoid weather conditions that can keep you from enjoying your road trip to the full. By traveling off-season, you can avoid dealing with holiday traffic, lack of places to stay and higher fuel and food costs.  

RV Camp Sites  

Reserve your RV campsites in advance so you have safe places to rest at the end of the day without having to pay exorbitant prices.


Make a budget for your road trip to avoid overspending. A budget will make it easier for you to manage your fuel, food, campsite, and recreational activities costs. It will also keep you from breaking the bank on your vacation and regretting it later on.   

For quality RV insurance to protect your road trip travels, call or visit Redden Insurance Agency, Bradley WV.

Why Do I Need Auto Insurance?

Insurance can seem like a complicated thing, and many people wonder why it is even necessary. Redden Insurance Agency wanted to help you understand just why auto insurance is important, so following are the biggest reasons for insurance:

To Be Legal

The first reason you should have car insurance is because it is mandatory. Almost all states require that you carry at minimum liability auto insurance, but the amount of liability coverage varies depending on the state. In Bradley WV, you are required to have the following coverage:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 property damage per accident

While this coverage makes you legal, you should consider additional coverage as liability is not always enough.

To Protect Yourself and Others

Insurance protects you and others from much of the financial expenses incurred due to an accident. Should you be in an accident and found to be at fault, you will be responsible for the damages and medical expenses incurred due to the accident. Without insurance, you will have to cover those costs out-of-pocket, something most people cannot do.

However, if you have insurance, you should not be responsible for all of those costs. As you have been paying premiums, it is similar to saving for such an accident. When an accident occurs, the money you have put into the policy is then put to work covering costs. Depending on your policy, you may still be responsible for additional costs in the form of deductibles.

Your cost will also be dependent upon the type of coverage you have. With liability, the other party will be covered, but your own medical expenses and damages usually will not be. This could cause a lot of trouble if you do not have money put away to repair your vehicle. How will you get your car back on the road? It is better to carry additional coverage so that you are covered, as well.

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How does commercial auto insurance work?

You may know that commercial insurance is necessary in Bradley WV. How does a policy actually protect your business and personal assets, though? The agents at Redden Insurance Agency can help you gain a full understanding of how commercial insurance works. 

What is commercial insurance?

In simple terms, commercial insurance is a financial safety net for your business. All companies, regardless of whether they are at-home businesses or traditional brick-and-mortar corporations, come with some type of risk. Commercial insurance protects you from significant financial loss in the instance that an at-fault incident leads to a lawsuit. 

There are several types of commercial insurance from which companies may choose. These include:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance (E & O)
  • Malpractice Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is also considered commercial insurance. This type of indemnity plan is required by law if you have one or more employees. Commercial auto insurance is also legally required if you have one or more vehicles that you or your employees use for business purposes. 

How does commercial insurance work?

Commercial insurance operates much like your standard auto or home indemnity plan. You select the type of coverage you want along with the policy limits. Your provider will pay for eligible incidents up to your plan’s limit. 

Some policyholders become confused about policy limits when purchasing commercial insurance. You may have a claim that costs more than $500,000 in losses. Your insurance plan, however, will only pay half of the bill if your policy’s limit is $250,000. Limits are further broken down by incident. You may only have $50,000 worth of coverage for medical bills, for example. Your policy will only pay $50,000 for medical claims regardless of how much coverage you have overall. 

Call Redden Insurance Agency for help

Commercial insurance is necessary but sometimes confusing. We can help you find the policy that best fits your business in Bradley WV. Call today to get started with a quote!

Purchasing Family Health Insurance May Be Simpler Than You Think.

Redden Insurance Agency is here for the people who need health insurance in West Virginia at any time of the year. If you have been putting off purchasing a family plan because you think the process will be too complex and time-consuming, we want you to know it may be simpler than you expect. We serve Bradley WV and the surrounding areas with quality insurance services. 

During open enrollment buying health insurance for the whole family is as simple as calling us or sitting down at your computer with your family’s personal information and the first payment. You can shop within your budget and needs with a simple click of a button and if you have any concerns our qualified agent will be happy to guide you or to help you with the process over the phone. Buying health insurance for the whole family has never been so easy, in fact, you can purchase health insurance, life insurance, and car insurance from the same company. Our agents are trained and qualified in all of these facets of insurance to keep you and your family fully protected. 

If you are concerned about purchasing health insurance because of the pandemic or after open enrollment you may not have that as a worry. So far, nine states have re-opened the health insurance options due to the pandemic. West Virginia is not among these yet but if needed all states will allow people to buy insurance in times of need. 

Contact us at Redden Insurance Agency if you have any questions about family health insurance. We serve the people of Bradly WV and the surrounding communities. 

When would I need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is becoming more popular as lives are getting more complex, and it covers a bit more than your typical policy. Before you get in contact with Redden Insurance Agency for umbrella insurance coverage within Bradley WV, it’s best to educate yourself on this type of insurance.

Going Beyond the Limit

Umbrella insurance extends beyond the point your home insurance (as an example) is limited so you can cover high-net-worth properties. It’s typically sold in high increments of coverage at a time, like $1 million.

Typically, it’s preferred to have an existing policy with the same company first, as they may require a minimum amount. Your umbrella plan with the same company will also reduce slipping through coverage cracks since not every company writes policies in the same manner.

These policies are also quite useful to exceed legal liability limits, and it may have a broader definition of coverage. This can even extend into damage from libel or slander, among other things. It can even cover you being at the other end of a large lawsuit, and you lack the funds to cover damages.

Applying umbrella coverage to an auto insurance plan can also cover other dynamics of auto accidents. It can cover you as a passenger, a pedestrian, or even if the other driver doesn’t have sufficient insurance. Of course, this will all depend on the personalized terms of your insurance policy.

In the end, you should consider the assets that you own, and you have a relatively high-net-worth, this may be a necessity for your lifestyle. If you are shopping around for umbrella insurance plans within Bradley WV, Redden Insurance Agency may be able to cover you within your area.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

West Virginia is an excellent place to own a motorcycle. Riding along routes that are high on the Top 100 routes in America, the sun shining on your face, while you take in the glorious nature around you is a great way to spend the day. With all of the beauty you have to experience, you do not want insurance to slow you down. At Redden Insurance Agency, we want to get our Bradley WV friends on the road quickly, so we put together this quick guide on motorcycle insurance to help you through the process.

West Virginia Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

At minimum, a motorcycle owner is to carry liability insurance. This includes:

  • $20,000 bodily injury per person
  • $40,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 property damage per accident

While this will keep you legal, it may not be enough to protect you in the event of an accident, leaving you to pay out-of-pocket. Consider adding the following coverage to your policy for additional protection:

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Some motorcyclists are not insured at all while others may be from areas that require lower amounts of coverage. If you get into an accident with one of these people, you need to be sure that your property is covered.


Collision coverage is intended to protect your bike in the case of a collision with an object, like a street sign, or another vehicle.


Comprehensive is designed to cover your bike in the event of damage that is not the result of a collision. For instance, comprehensive coverage is protection against things like weather related damage or theft. The specifics of what is covered will be stated in your policy.

At a minimum, Bradley WV residents should be sure to have liability coverage for their bikes. However, it aim to get the maximum insurance that you can comfortably manage.

We want to help you get the coverage you need so you can enjoy your motorcycle. Stop by Redden Insurance Agency or give us a call today for your no-obligation quote!