How to Select the Right Commercial Insurance Policy for Your Needs

Selecting the right commercial insurance policy begins with knowing the types of commercial insurance you need. There are many types of commercial policies, and the needs will vary based on your risk and the type of business you own. At Redden Insurance Agency, serving the eastern United States, we can help you navigate commercial insurance.

Business Property

If you have a physical business, you will need business property insurance. This applies to retail stores, offices, and manufacturing buildings. Commercial property insurance covers the physical structures, including the building you operate in and your signage. It also covers your property, including equipment and furniture. It covers others property as well.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will cover expenses related to injuries or property damage sustained by a third party. If someone is injured on your property, or their property is damaged due to neglect on your part, liability insurance will cover your financial liability.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance will cover injuries an employee gets on the job. This includes their medical bills and lost wages. You may be required to have workers compensation insurance if you have a certain number of employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is needed to cover any vehicle that is used for business purposes. This includes industrial vehicles like dump trucks and the car you use to run business errands. Most personal policies do not cover accidents that occur when the vehicle is being used for business purposes.

Getting the Right Policy For Your Needs

Within these basic types of insurance are many options. Property insurance can include business interruption insurance, for example. Liability coverage can include errors and omissions, which aren’t covered under standard liability.  Our agents at Redden Insurance Agency will discuss the specific needs for your business and help you choose the policy that offers you the coverage you need.