3 Benefits of Commercial Umbrella Insurance

The Redden Insurance Agency is here to provide the eastern United States business communities with the insurance products that they need to protect their businesses. We advise our commercial clients to consider adding an umbrella policy to their protection portfolios when its coverage provides a benefit for their firms. If you are a business owner and are concerned about the level of protection that your primary commercial policy provides, call or stop by our offices today and learn more about the many benefits of commercial umbrella insurance.

3 important benefits of commercial umbrella insurance

  1. Additional coverage when you need it. An umbrella insurance policy comes into play in situations where your primary policy benefits are exhausted. If you are in an industry that has a high potential for high liability cases, such as slips and falls, it’s good to be protected. One bad event can exhaust your primary policy!
  2. Lessens the possibility of personal liability. When your primary policy maximum coverage levels are reached, the liability typically falls to the business owners, often on a personal level. That is why umbrella insurance is so important.
  3. It allows you to continue business as usual. When you have the robust insurance protection that your business needs, you are able to take setbacks in stride and continue serving your clients. Without this important protection, your business can suffer due to frivolous lawsuits and other events that are outside of your control and the control of your company.

Business owners in the eastern USA can rely on the team at Redden Insurance Agency for all their commercial insurance needs. Our team is here for you! Call our offices today and schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable and helpful local agents.